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Twin top real estate heirs Oren and Alon Alexander accused of raping two women, including assault at Hamptons ‘castle’

Twin real estate heirs Oren and Alon Alexander allegedly sexually assaulted two women — including one they took turns raping in a Hamptons castle dubbed “the Playboy Mansion of the East Coast,” two new lawsuits say.

The multimillionaire brothers, allegedly simmering with hatred toward women, committed “heinous” acts that were “extreme and outrageous to such an extent that the action was atrocious and intolerable in a civilized society,” the explosive Manhattan suits claim.

Oren, a prominent figure in the Side-backed brokerage firm Official, and Alon, a private security firm executive, are accused in court papers of brutally raping one woman at the infamous party palace “Sir Ivan’s Castle” in Water Mill, Long Island, in 2012.

“On many occasions, Alon would sometimes pretend to be his twin brother Oren, trying to help his brother and call or text Plaintiff on Oren’s behalf” when she wouldn’t agree to go out with him, the filing says.

The twins allegedly attacked the other woman in 2010 when she was just 18, drugging her at a Meatpacking District hot spot and taking her home to assault her, according to court documents.

High-powered twins Oren and Alon Alexander attend NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon’s retirement party in Miami in 2015. Aaron Davidson

A lawyer for the powerhouse businessmen quickly dismissed the allegations to The Post on Monday, saying they are nothing more than a multimillion-dollar shakedown attempt.

The two civil lawsuits were filed in March, after New York’s law allowing alleged survivors to sue for old sexual assaults was extended.

They paint a chilling alleged picture of Alon and Oren, the latter of whom helms the high-flying Alexander Team along with a third sibling. The venture has overseen more than $7 billion in real estate deals across New York, south Florida and beyond since Oren left his longtime firm Douglas Elliman in 2022 to start the business.

The suits allege harrowing instances of violence by the twins — including them taking turns raping the plaintiffs, leaving the victims with lasting trauma.

The twins get in the patriotic spirit at “Sir Ivan’s Castle” in the Hamptons on July 3, 2011. Steven Henry

In both cases, the plaintiffs allege in the filings that the twins were fueled by their “animus toward women. 

“Defendants committed crimes of violence against Plaintiff because she is a female and, at least in part, because they had an animus toward women,” the lawsuits allege.

“Defendants’ gender-motivated animus towards women is evinced by, among other things, their humiliating and degrading sexual assault and repeated raping of Plaintiff.”

The Alexanders’ lawyer, Jim Ferraro of the Ferraro Law Firm, vehemently denied the accusations.

“This suit was brought public after [the Alexanders] chose not to give in to a demand in the tens of millions of dollars,” Ferarro said in a statement to The Post. “We are confident this matter will be resolved in [their] favor given an extensive collection of powerful evidence including, phone records, text messages, emails and other documents whose content clearly debunks these claims.”

The New York Adult Survivors Act — which took effect Nov. 24, 2022, and was supposed to end Nov. 24, 2023 — allowed alleged survivors of sexual assault to seek justice regardless of when the assaults occurred. The window for filing lawsuits was then extended to March 2025, enabling the lawsuits against the Alexanders.

The filings indicate that the women did not file police reports at the time of the alleged assaults.

The lawyers representing the women, from New York-based Torgan Cooper & Aaron, did not respond to a Post request for comment.

“Sir Ivan” Wilzig performs at his flamboyant birthday party at his equally extravagant Long Island home in 2016. Jerritt Clark

Rebecca Mandel’s complaint recounts her alleged nightmare encounter with the twins.

The then-18-year-old says in her suit that she met Oren and Alon at the now-defunct Meatpacking District club SL in 2009 and that in 2010, Alon spiked her drink. The brothers later raped her in their apartment after luring her there under false pretenses, her lawsuit says.

The twins assured her they would “just hang out for a little bit,” her complaint states.

“As defendants and Plaintiff entered the building and made their way to the apartment door, Plaintiff sensed something was wrong,” the complaint said. “The hallway was silent. There was no music, no voices, nothing that would indicate that a party was being held at this location. 

“At this moment, Plaintiff realized that she had been deceived. She had been taken to the defendants’ apartment.” 

Once inside, Mandel claims in her suit, the twins pinned her down and raped her.

“Moments after entering the apartment, [Mandel] was sexually abused, assaulted, pinned, groped, harassed, battered, and fondled by defendants,” the complaint reads. “Alon held Plaintiff down, while Oren vaginally penetrated her. Defendants would then switch positions, repeatedly raping [Mandel].”

Kate Whiteman alleges she was assaulted by the Alexander brothers in 2012 at “Sir Ivan’s Castle.” Jerritt Clark

In another lawsuit filed the same day in March, Kate Whiteman alleges a 2012 assault at “Sir Ivan’s Castle” in Water Mill, a home owned by flamboyan banking heir-turned-recording artist Ivan Wilzig, who is also named in the suit for reputed negligence.

The cape-wearing Wilzig has been dubbed “the Hugh Hefner of the Hamptons” by The Post, while his lavish home — complete with dungeon — is referred to as “the Playboy Mansion of the East Coast” and known for its annual sexy, over-the-top summer blowouts.

Wilzig did not respond to a Post request for comment.

Whiteman’s lawsuit recounts her allegedly being dragged by Alon into a black SUV where Oren waited, taken to the campy massive castle and assaulted by the brothers despite her attempts to escape.

According to the complaint, Whiteman met Oren in 2008 in New York and repeatedly declined his requests to go out with him — prompting his twin to pretend he was Oren and reach out to her to try to coax her.

Oren Alexander celebrates the return of The Raleigh, a Rosewood Hotel and Residences, at The Carlyle in Manhattan on May 8, 2024. Darian DiCianno/

At the Hamptons castle, Whiteman claimed ​in her suit that the brothers dragged ​her through the garage of the home into a large bedroom​, where she was “sexually assaulted, abused, raped, pinned, groped, harassed, battered, and fondled by defendants Alon and Oren.

“Once Plaintiff and the twins were inside the garage door, the door closed and locked immediately right behind them. Plaintiff was then told that she must change into a sarong​,” the filing says. “Plaintiff then proceeded to make a dash for the stairs that led up to the house, while fully dressed. As Plaintiff bolted for the stairs, there was a [worker] who grabbed her arm and dragged her back into the garage.”

The complaint ​says the worker was Wilzig​’s employee.

“Plaintiff was ultimately forced to strip and change into a sarong. Her phone and other belongings were placed into a locker that was immediately locked by Oren, who then put the key around his wrist. The twins then led Plaintiff upstairs to what appeared to be a large bedroom” ​and attacked her, the complaint ​says. 

Ferraro told the website the Real Deal, which first reported the lawsuits, that the case is “totally made up” and predicted it will crumble after Whitman’s deposition.

Ferraro also labeled Mandel’s lawsuit “very bizarre,” expressing his longstanding trust in the Alexanders, having used Oren as his real estate agent for years.

Lawyers for Wilzig have moved to transfer Whiteman’s case against him to Suffolk County, where his home is located.

The Alexander twins, who now live in Miami Beach, hail from a real estate dynasty led by their father, Shlomy Alexander. Their brother Tal, another top broker, remains uninvolved in these allegations, focusing on their projects such as the Rosewood-branded condo at the Raleigh in Miami Beach and the Dolce & Gabbana-branded condo in Brickell.

The twins have until Aug. 19 to respond to the lawsuit.