Comedian Bill Burr says ‘I f–king hate liberals’ at UC Berkeley show, calls out hypocrisy

Comedian Bill Burr called out the hypocrisy of liberals during a show on UC Berkeley’s campus over the weekend, reportedly telling the audience that he “f—ing hate[s]” them.

Burr, never one to shy away from controversial topics, covered everything from his relationship with his wife and the ongoing Israel-Gaza war, to transgender rights and Biden’s cognitive decline, before wading into his issues with liberals, the San Francisco Gate reported.

“I f—ing hate liberals,” Burr reportedly told the audience on Saturday. The outlet said it was clear he was referring specifically to “White liberals,” and that he took issue with their hypocrisy, not necessarily their political ideology.

He proceeded to call out people who put “Black Lives Matter” signs in their windows without taking any quantifiable actions.

“That’s like if I told you my great-grandmother in Germany had a ‘Knock it off, Nazis’ sign,” he said, according to the outlet.

The comic continued, “If you run into a White person who says they’re an empath, run the other way.” Burr said such people “like making other peoples’ suffering about [themselves].”

At a different point in the show, Burr seemed surprised at how the Berkeley crowd laughed at a joke about President Biden having dementia, SF Gate reported.

Comedian Bill Burr 
“I f—ing hate liberals,” Comedian Bill Burr told audience members during a show on UC Berkeley’s campus over the weekend. Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Burr took the opportunity to air his frustration with liberals in public. He told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview last year that anti-Trump “idiot liberals” were making a martyr out of former President Trump by charging him with crimes.

“Liberals are so f—ing stupid, the way that they handle Trump,” he said at the time. “You should shut up! He’s a narcissist. Neutral energy. Neutral.”

Burr, who predicted Trump and Biden would be nominated by their respective parties, said he hoped they’d both “die of natural causes” so that “maybe you could get somebody that still has something to live for.”

Bill Burr
Burr is known to vocalize his thoughts on hot topics, slamming people putting “Black Lives Matter” signs in their windows without quantifiable actions. Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

In September, Burr remarked on his show Monday Morning Podcast, “I really don’t like liberals. Liberals like to announce, ‘These are my gays. It’s like, are these your friends? Do you know anything about them?”

Burr agreed that liberals like to use certain groups as “props.”

“Gay Pride Month is more about straight people to show how many gay friends they have than about gay people,” he said in September 2023.

Burr did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.