I’m a flight attendant — here’s why you should never get drunk before a flight

Being a barfly can land you on the “no-fly.”

Knocking back a few brews, shots or bubbles before takeoff may sound like a sweet way to take the edge off. 

But one flight attendant warns that overly plastered passengers will be forced to make an early exit. 

“This is a PSA to everyone who likes to drink at the airport,” announced airline steward Tor in a buzzy TikTok bulletin. “Please, just don’t make it noticeable when you get on the plane.”

“I don’t want to kick you off,” added the brunette. “You don’t want to be embarrassed, you don’t want to miss your flight.”

Tor, a flight attendant, virally warned drinker against guzzling too much alcohol before boarding a flight. @traveling.mermaidd/TikTok

“It’s a win-win for both of us.”

It’s a sobering, yet serious truth. 

Shachar Bivas, 44, of Long Island, learned the hard way that over-indulging on the hard stuff will get you a first-class ticket to the clink. The New Yorker was recently sentenced to six months in federal prison for a drunken rampage aboard a 12-hour flight from Tel Aviv to JFK. 

A pair of “rowdy” rascals from the UK were ordered to take the walk of shame off of a plane in May due to their tipsy tomfoolery. 

Online, social media users shared their personal experience with drunks on airplanes. Getty Images

But Tor says she takes no pleasure in giving boozers the boot — she’s just obeying the law. 

“We’re legally required to kick you off the airplane if you appear to be intoxicated,” she explained in her viral vid, advising liquor-lovers against being “stupid” in the moments leading up to wheels up. 

“It’s not me just like being a buzzkill.” 

Tor begged followers not to be “stupid” when enjoying pre-flight refreshments at an airport bar or restaurant. Ivan –

Hooch hounds appreciated the heads-up. 

“Imagine how drunk you have to be that they’re like, ‘You’re too drunk to sit in a seat,’” joked a commentator. 

“I stopped drinking at the airport, and on airplanes. It is so nice to arrive sober,” praised a zero-proof passenger. 

“When you’re at cruising altitude the effects make you feel twice as drunk,” said a separate sauce-free spectator.  

And the threat of being slouched while at 30,000 feet in the clouds is enough to keep would-be drinkers grounded. 

“The idea of being trapped in a tube in the sky with a few beers in me and only one bathroom is deterrent enough,” teased a scared-straight jetsetter.