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Karen Read investigator forced to read ‘unprofessional and regrettable’ texts during murder trial

The Massachusetts state trooper leading the investigation into the death of Karen Read’s boyfriend read aloud disparaging texts he wrote calling the suspect a “wack job c–t” and “retarded” at her murder trial Monday — and admitted to making fun of her Crohn’s disease and sending other “regrettable” jokes.

In messages sent to his childhood friends, Lt. Michael Proctor referred to Read as a “babe” with “no ass” and joked about searching through her phone for nudes during his investigation into the death of her Boston cop boyfriend, John O’Keefe, whom she allegedly mowed down with her car and left for dead.

“I don’t have an explanation other than they’re regrettable and it’s something I’m not proud of, the language that I used,” Proctor said of his texts on Monday, according to

Massachusetts State Trooper Michael Proctor read texts he wrote calling Read a “wack job c–t” on the stand on Monday. AP

In one set of texts, Proctor wrote, “She waffled him. I looked at his body in the hospital. He was banged up.” In another message, he added: “She hit him with her car.”

In response, one of his friends asks, “She hot, at least?” to which Proctor said he replied, “She’s a wack job c–t. Yes, she’s a babe. Weird Fall River accent, though. No ass.”

Other messages revealed Proctor making light of Read’s Crohn’s disease, writing, “She’s got a leaky balloon knot. Leaks poo.”

While under questioning, Proctor acknowledged that his messages were “unprofessional,” but also argued, “These juvenile, unprofessional comments have zero impact on the facts and the evidence and the integrity of this investigation.”

Proctor also confirmed that he texted his wife on June 9, 2022 — the day Read was indicted and arrested in O’Keefe’s death — that he was “waiting to lock this wack job up.”

When asked why he made those comments, Proctor rattled off evidence in the case, telling the courtroom, “Based off Mr. O’Keefe’s injuries, Ms. Read’s statements when Sgt. [Yuriy] Bukhenik and I interviewed her, her broken taillight, … some taillight pieces found at the scene, the compelling evidence pointing directly at Ms. Read — that she struck Mr. O’Keefe with her vehicle — led me to make those comments.”

Read is facing second-degree murder charges for allegedly reversing her car into her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, and leaving him for dead. AP

Proctor continued: “Like I said, they were not professional comments. But based on the day’s investigation, it was clear that Ms. Read had struck Mr. O’Keefe with her vehicle.”

Proctor read more text messages from a group chat, where a fellow trooper sent a photo of one of Read’s lawyers, David Yannetti, on Aug. 17, 2022.

“Funny, I’m going through his retarded client’s phone. No nudes so far,” Proctor said he wrote. “I hate that man, I truly hate him.”

Proctor called the text messages “regrettable” and said he was “not proud” of the language he used. AP

He confirmed Read was the client in question and said he does not look through suspects’ phones for nude photos and claimed he can still be an objective investigator despite the “poor joke” he had made.

“I believe poor jokes and unprofessional language have no bearing on the integrity and the facts and physical evidence of this case,” Proctor asserted. 

Read’s lawyers then suggested that Proctor had made up his mind about Read’s guilt before investigating the case.

Proctor made jokes over text about looking for nudes in Read’s phone as well as other disparaging comments. AP

“In other words, Trooper Proctor, you don’t get to pick a suspect and then try to find evidence to support your choice, right?” he asked.

“Correct,” Proctor replied.

“But in this case, that’s exactly what you did, isn’t it?” Jackson pressed.

“Absolutely not,” Proctor said.

Read, 44, who is facing second-degree murder charges, has maintained her innocence. Her defense attorneys say Proctor’s texts support their claim that she’s the scapegoat in a conspiracy involving various branches of Massachusetts law enforcement.

The trial is set to resume Wednesday morning with Proctor still under cross-examination.