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Vegan influencer busts cheating boyfriend — thanks to a pepperoni pizza order

"It was like being punched," she said of the saucy discovery.

I'm a nutritionist — these 4 cheap foods support your weight loss and cholesterol goals

Experts say these four foods can help you feel fuller for longer while promoting heart health.

Joey Chestnut eats 16K calories in 10-minute Nathan's hot dog contest — what it looks like if he goes vegan

Chestnut won’t be gulping down hot dogs at the venerable Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4 because of his new partnership with Impossible Foods.

Brooklyn chef is tops in NYC with James Beard Award win

The prize was announced Monday night in Chicago. Once considered to be the Oscars of the food world, the awarding foundation has seen its reputation slip significantly in recent years.

Panda Express customer shocked that takeout container may have shrunk: ‘It's not much food’

Did they bamboo-zle him? A disappointed customer claims the California-based fast casual has succumbed to shrinkflation.

Vegan fake meats linked to heart disease, early death: study

“It is important to emphasize that just because a food or drink is technically plant-based, it does not mean it is healthy," said Duane Mellor, a dietitian and spokesperson for...

The highest-calorie menu items at fast-food chains revealed — topping out at over 1,900

Did you favorite fast food make the list?

I'm a weight loss coach — these 3 foods could sabotage your goals

"These foods I'm seeing eaten in excess, not moderation, which can make weight loss really difficult," Jenna Rizzo said in a Monday TikTok that has enticed more than 28,200 views.

Microdosing chocolate bars leads to seizures, heart issues, vomiting and hospitalizations, FDA warns

"Consumers should not eat, sell, or serve any flavor" of the flagged product, the agency said.

An Italian grandmother takes pasta sauce to the next level with these 2 secret ingredients

The secret to balancing sweetness and acidity lies within two unusual suspects.

Does eating mushrooms really cut your cancer risk in half? What the experts say

When nutritional consultant Lori Shemek tweeted last week that "cancer absolutely hates mushrooms," she dug up an age-old morel dilemma.

Want to eat your way to eternal youth? This doctor's 'Young Forever Cookbook' has the answers

Hyman’s recipe for anti-aging is about choosing the correct ingredients to keep the body — and soul — youthful into middle and old age. 

Would you scramble eggs in boiling water? Chef sparks outrage with hack

In her most recent viral video, Chef Bethany claimed that scrambling eggs in boiling water will make the "fluffiest scrambled eggs."

Arugula sold at major supermarket chain recalled over possible salmonella contamination

Baby arugula sold at select Publix stores is being recalled after salmonella was detected during routine testing. 

'Chipotle boys' are rampant in NYC — and even the burrito chain has commented

"Chipotle boys" are everywhere -- but who are they?

The secret to half-priced fast food meals is hiding in your phone as Big Mac prices soar

When McDonald's executives start complaining publicly about fast-food prices, you know things are getting messy.

Why we're all suddenly over Chipotle — and why hating on the chain probably won't make a difference

Customer rage hasn't been hurting the bottom line any, according to the latest figures.

Fast food prices in America vary widely by state — here's where your faves are still surprisingly cheap

Things may be brutal in places like California and New York — but there are 48 other states.