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I lost my limbs to flesh-eating bacteria — then I met the man of my dreams, he thinks I'm perfect

The stunning loss was followed by a miraculous meet-up.

Long Island professor discovers new dinosaur in Zimbabwe: 'Big career moment'

A Long Island professor is among researchers who discovered a new dinosaur species in Zimbabwe — the fourth ever uncovered in the African nation.

A turf war could be brewing between sharks and orcas off Cape Cod: scientists

They might make waves with one another.

Nudists worry as interest in naked public displays plummets

One nudist organization hopes to attract more members ready to strip down and strut around.

Two young sisters left orphaned after mom, dad die of cancer within days of each other

Little girls have been left orphaned after both their mother and father died of cancer with days of each other.

Florida family stuns as all four daughters are crowned valedictorian

The status of high school valedictorian is an honor that many parents may be thrilled to see their child achieve — but what if all of your kids are successful in clinching...

Woman uses post-mortem sperm retrieval to have baby 15 months after Olympian husband died in tragic accident

"I saw him that morning — he's the happiest, fittest person — and he just never came home that day," model Ellidy Pullin said.

I had a 'FUNeral' for my dead husband — it even included goodie bags and a bouncy castle

"Every time I started thinking about planning a traditional funeral, I did not want to do it," Katie Young, 40, said.

'Extremely rare' dinosaur discovered by 3 tweens: My friends 'don't believe me that I found a T. rex'

"I'm excited for my friends to see the film," one of the kids said. "They don't believe me that I found a T. rex."

Grandma, 85, graduates from high school with honorary diploma: 'I’m really thankful to God'

An 85-year-old Georgia woman graduated from high school on Saturday — 67 years after her original would-be graduation date — in front of her family and the community she steadily serves.

Bride bans guests from wearing 5 different colors to her wedding, infuriating attendees: 'I'm not going'

She's seeing red over a bridezilla's ban on color.

My boobs ballooned to a gigantic size due to a rare condition — my life has been a living hell

Rochelle, who has not disclosed her full name, suffers from gigantomastia. According to the Cleveland Clinic, only 300 cases of the condition have been reported.

Preschool teacher saves former student's life by donating her liver: 'The tears keep coming'

"You never know who's life you are going to be changing," the preschool teacher said.

Couple had a wedding planned — and ended up getting married by a nurse: 'Last-ditch effort'

“You know what they say, you make plans and God laughs,” the bride said.

Long Island boy, 5, born without left hand 'glowing' after receiving 'Iron Man' bionic arm

Jordan Marotta of Dix Hills, L.I., achieved superhero status this week.

Guinness crowns toddler youngest-ever male artist — and his paintings are selling fast 

“Every painting is an expression of his curiosity and joy in discovering new things," said his proud mother, an artist herself.

Precious Moments figurines creator dead at 85: Life’s mission was 'to share God’s gift of love with the world'

Some of the Christian-themed figurines feature Bible verses or children praying. Fans have collections numbering in the hundreds, while critics deride them as kitsch.