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Trump prosecutor Fani Willis scores small win in Georgia election interference case

Last week the appeals court pumped the brakes on proceedings against the biggest names associated with the case, including former president Trump.

NYC awarded over $27M from national JUUL e-cig legal settlement

About $12.2 million from the settlement will go to the city and close to $15 million to the New York City school district.

Biden to sign security agreement with Ukraine as Putin cozies up to North Korea: 'We stand with them'

President Biden will sign a formal security agreement with Ukraine on Thursday as South Korean media reports Russian President Vladimir Putin will cozy up with North Korea in an expected visit to...

Historian with near-perfect record predicting elections dishes on 'unprecedented situation' in 2024

A historian who has correctly predicted 9 out of the last 10 presidential elections is keeping his powder dry on the 2024 race for now as he tries to gauge...

Trump ally Steve Bannon files last-ditch motion to avoid jail time

Bannon's counsel of record R. Trent McCotter submitted the filing to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals requesting his client's release before a July 1 deadline to surrender himself and...

Inside Trump's veepstakes: Top contender falls down shortlist — 'Not a standout or game-changer'

"I think it is extremely unlikely he will be picked," said one insider.

US to send Ukraine critical – and rare – Patriot air defense system that could shake up war

WASHINGTON -- The US is expected to announce Thursday it will send Ukraine a second Patriot missile system, giving the country a vital air defense boost that its president, Volodymyr...

Kamala for president? Few voters think Harris could win as Dems’ 2028 pick: poll

Vice President Kamala Harris is the most preferred candidate to run in 2028 for the Democrat ticket, but only 34% say she has the capability to win a presidential election,...

White House won't rule out Biden commuting Hunter's sentence if he gets prison time

The 81-year-old president claimed in an interview last week that he wouldn't pardon his 54-year-old son, but he has not specifically commented on whether he'd allow him to be sent...

House Republicans hold AG Garland in contempt over Biden classified docs probe recordings

"The attorney general doesn't get to decide whether he hides the tape," House Speaker Johnson told reporters ahead of the vote, adding that he anticipated the contempt measure would pass.

NYC has only connected 2,000 migrants with jobs — as thousands more overwhelm city shelters

Under the Adams administration’s push to get asylum seekers employed, just over 2,000 of the tens of thousands of work-eligible migrants in NYC have been connected with a job —...

Trump takes lead in Biden's birth state of Pennsylvania as most say they were better off under ex-prez: poll

Maybe Joe Biden can't go home again. Former President Donald Trump is narrowly leading President Biden in Pennsylvania -- a battleground state that helped decide the 2020 election and the...

Joe Biden's bold claim about Hunter Biden plea deal in federal gun case

Joe Biden reportedly asked family members for updates on his son's trial while in France last week to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Nevada vets weigh Trump-Biden choice as they pack Las Vegas Raiders’ home field

Vets were happy to speak about their service even in the 100-plus-degree heat at Vegas’ annual Day of Gratitude held Saturday, but many weren’t ready to commit to voting Trump...

Wisconsin Democrats pass pro-Palestinian resolution ignoring Hamas attack hours after Israeli hostage rescue

The resolution didn’t even mention the Israelis killed or taken hostage in Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack.

GOP lawmakers want legislative auditors to review Milwaukee Public Schools' finances

Republicans at the Wisconsin Capitol don’t want Gov. Tony Evers to waste the chance to get a good look at Milwaukee Public Schools’ shortcomings.

Pennsylvania charter schools hit hard in proposed funding formula

A bill altering the state’s public school funding formula passed the lower chamber Monday, spawning both fanfare and consternation among lawmakers.

Afghanistan war vet Sam Brown secures Republican nomination in Nevada Senate primary  

The Nevada Senate race is considered one of the most competitive ones of the 2024 cycle. 

Arizona Republicans ask Maricopa County Attorney to take Hobbs 'pay to play' investigation

More Republican state officials are calling on Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell to investigate the “pay to play” allegations involving the Hobbs administration and Sunshine Residential Homes.

House panel advances contempt resolution against AG Merrick Garland, setting up full House vote

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) told reporters that the lower chamber will take up the contempt vote on Wednesday.