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Hamas weapon supplier killed in Lebanon: IDF

Ayman Ghatma -- who supplied weapons to both Hamas and al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya -- was targeted and killed while driving near Khiara.

Russia launches 'massive' attack on Ukraine power grid

The bombardment of Ukraine’s energy facilities marked the eighth time Russia targeted the country’s energy infrastructure in the last three months.

Chilling photo album of smiling Nazis relaxing at resort built by Auschwitz prisoners revealed

This haunting photo album uncovered after World War II exposes an eerie truth about the lives of the Nazis.

Heartbreaking letter to hostage Naama Levy from her mother on her 20th birthday

Saturday is the 20th birthday of Naama Levy, an Israeli woman who was taken hostage. Her mother, Ayelet writes to her on her birthday, a letter she hopes the world...

Oklahoma man returning to US after ammo arrest in Turks and Caicos

The Oklahoma man who was facing 12 years in a tropical prison after Turks and Caicos authorities found four stray bullets in his luggage is coming back to the United...

Israeli social worker consoled 2 kids as they hid from Hamas in closet for 12 hours after parents' Oct. 7 murder: ‘Don’t open the door’

An Israeli social worker comforted two terrified kids for 12 grueling hours on Oct. 7 as they hid from Hamas terrorists in a tiny closet — inches from their mother's...

How fear of 'escalation' has Biden admin handcuffing Ukraine against Russia

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced the Biden administration was relaxing its restrictions on Kyiv's use of weapons on Kremlin territory.

Kangaroo attacks Australian toddler in wild video

With the sheer force of the marsupial’s powerful front legs, the little girl is launched backwards by the animal before her father comes racing over to help.

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron's oddball love story, as she fights trolls who claim she's trans in court

A pair of French youtubers are in the hot seat for spreading rumors online just before the French presidential elections in 2022 that Brigitte Macron is transgender woman and used...

US tourist killed by elephant after being pulled from her tour group vehicle in Zambia

Juliana Gle Tourneau was killed by elephant in Zambia that pulled her from her tour group's vehicle and trampled her, local officials said.

Mom-of-four faked cancer to collect $25K in GoFundMe: police

A mother-of-four has been charged with defrauding generous people of more than $37,000 by falsely claiming she was battling breast cancer.

Australian TV reporter 'sacked' after allegations of 'inappropriate conduct'

The Sydney-based reporter had worked at Seven for 23 years.

Fourth person arrested over the alleged murders of brothers in Mexico

A fourth person has been arrested over the alleged murders of Perth brothers Callum and Jake Robinson, who were killed while on a surf trip in Mexico.

More than 1,000 dead in this year's hajj pilgrimage as Saudi Arabia faces extreme heat: report

While Saudi Arabia has yet to reportedly offer details on the fatalities, it reported more than 2,700 people suffered from “heat exhaustion” on Sunday alone.   

Popular beauty influencer dead at 36 after suffering suspected heart attack: report

Farah El Kadhi, a popular Tunisian beauty influencer, died after suffering a suspected heart attack while aboard a yacht in Malta, according to local reports.

Bumbling climate activists spray paint private jets, mistakenly believing Taylor Swift's plane was at airport

A pair of climate activists sprayed two private jets at a UK airport with orange paint Thursday morning.

As few as 50 hostages held by Hamas are still alive, US officials estimate

Insiders estimate that as few as 50 of the 116 hostages believed to be held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip are still alive.

Russia agrees to come to North Korea's immediate defense if attacked after Putin meets Kim Jong Un

A new agreement between Russia and North Korea reached by their leaders requires the countries to use all available means to provide immediate military assistance in the event of war.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s bodyguard arrested over alleged bets on UK election date

One of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s police bodyguards has been arrested over alleged bets on the date of Britain’s national election made before it was announced, authorities said Wednesday.

French teens, 12-year-old arrested for gang rape, antisemitic attack of Jewish girl, 12: 'Horror has no limits'

Three French teens were arrested for the gang rape and antisemitic attack of a 12-year-old Jewish girl in Paris, police said, leading President Emmanuel Macron to demand schools crack down...