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Research shows it's quite common for men to release a certain cocktail of these chemicals after they orgasm.

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Hot or bot? Study reveals whether humans get more horny for bona fide babes than AI-generated ones

“AI-generated images are here to stay, and as every technological advancement, offer both opportunities and danger,” researchers warned.

I quit my boring 9-to-5 to become a professional sex toy tester

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I'm a divorce lawyer — these are the two main reasons people get divorced

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Men are just 'bad texters' — and NYC women have had enough of their excuses

Most women have been victims of the self-proclaimed "bad texter" — a boyfriend, lover or husband who barely replies to messages, and, if he does, the conversation is plagued with dry...

‘Comforting, not awkward’: Relationship expert busts major dating myth

Relationship expert Chanel Contos has busted one of the most common online dating myths she says is plaguing modern relationships, after three years of championing its importance. “We need to...

My date secretly recorded me and posted video online — here's what I did next

“Why are all my Bumble matches always so weird?” her date curtly captioned the clip. “This was so embarrassing.”

This city is creating a dating app to promote marriage and childbirth amid population drop

This app is designed to bring two people together to stem decline.

How to end a relationship without having to dump someone

I recently discovered a psychology trick that was quite genius and I thought “ooh I could turn that into a break-up hack”.

How many Americans still believe in true love?

The results emerged in a survey of 2,000 people by Talker Research and saw, thankfully, that belief in the concept rises the more serious a relationship you find yourself in. 

Bride blasts guest for sending 'just' a $100 gift by Venmo days after wedding: 'Disrespectful'

She said "I don't" to this tardy wedding gift.

Do men with big guns have small penises? Science finally reveals what they're really packin'

A new study examined the long-held myth that men who own guns are ... err, overcompensating for something.

New Yorkers declare it the 'summer of the threesome' after seeing 'Challengers': 'My ultimate fantasy'

Good things come in threes — at least according to these naughty New Yorkers.

Being single is too expensive and stressful— but these women would STILL rather be alone

"Women are no longer solely focused on getting married and starting families, but instead focused on building their careers and prioritizing debt repayment," Courtney Alev, consumer financial advocate at Intuit...

Six tips for finding crazy love and connection while Jupiter is in Gemini

Whether you're looking for lasting love, a summer fling, a new best friend or a little strange on the side, read on to learn more about how to make Jupiter...

TikTokker complains she's 'very single' because she's pretty and smart — and men are 'terrified' of that

The fashion stylist claimed that people are surprised by the current state of her dating life because she's "so pretty," but her looks have actually ruined her chances at romance.