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Dad slammed after refusing to take daughter to birthday party: 'Been to plenty already'

In any parenting couple, sometimes tasks are based on people’s strengths, and sometimes they’re based on the other person’s downright refusal to do it.

'Entitled' people are 'claiming' baby names before they're even expecting — and parents-to-be are pissed: 'It's really weird'

"These women are not pregnant, they may never have a son, and yet they're telling us what we can and can't name our child," an unnamed future dad complained.

Pilot shares hacks to stop babies crying on planes — and one is 'out there'

Traveling with babies can be quite a hassle -- especially at 30,000 feet. The change in pressure during takeoff is uncomfortable for a majority of passengers, but while older children...

Posh parents are spending thousands to have someone else get their kids summer camp ready

“If you have disposable income and you don’t want to touch it, you’re sending it out,” the owner of one service said. "A lot of my clients won’t even let...

Woman uses post-mortem sperm retrieval to have baby 15 months after Olympian husband died in tragic accident

"I saw him that morning — he's the happiest, fittest person — and he just never came home that day," model Ellidy Pullin said.

Woman from town called Surprise says she didn't know she was pregnant until she was in labor

This new mom got quite the shock when what she believed to be appendicitis turned out to be labor pains.

'Literally stop' Dad goes viral for his five hilarious 'rules' for parenting teens

Parenting teenagers is really in a class all on its own, and it appears Chip Leighton, a comedian and dad has really hit a nerve by sharing his rules for what not...

This city is creating a dating app to promote marriage and childbirth amid population drop

This app is designed to bring two people together to stem decline.

These 23 classic baby names are facing extinction in the US — sorry, Grandma

A foul fall from grace, the run-of-the-mill monikers were the bees knees during the Baby Boomer generation, between 1946 and 1964.

How to develop a family social media plan in the wake of landmark NY measure

"I think it's important to start talking about social media as early as kids are interested in understanding it," Dr. Shannon Bennett told The Post.

Top 2024 baby names influenced by 'Dune,' Caitlin Clark, tech layoffs and even the solar eclipse

Parents are ditching baby books and turning to the headlines to name their newborns.

I never return my grocery cart at the supermarket —haters can judge all they want

She wheelie just can’t be bothered.  Making a market run with the kids in tow can be a pain. From forcing fussy tots into the car, to taming temper tantrums while shopping...

Dad's touching advice goes viral after talking daughter through her breakup

"After I read the first sentence, I was, like, 'Oh, this is something that my heart needed.'"

Moms and dads are hurting their kids through 'exploitative' viral trend

According to an article by the Cleveland Clinic, "sharenting" refers to "the act of digital oversharing, of excessively posting information, pictures, stories or updates about your child’s life."

Mom influencer ripped for asking for donations — after spending $17,000 in one month

Did she put the "con" in contribution?

Introducing peanuts early reduces kids' allergy risk: new study

"This safe, simple strategy could prevent tens of thousands of cases of peanut allergy among the 3.6 million children born in the United States each year," the director of the...

Girls become fixated on their looks at a shockingly young age, new study reveals

"Across all of the measures that we assessed, girls on average greatly valued their appearances. Girls said that to be a girl they needed to be pretty, and looking pretty...