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Pilot shares hacks to stop babies crying on planes — and one is 'out there'

Traveling with babies can be quite a hassle -- especially at 30,000 feet. The change in pressure during takeoff is uncomfortable for a majority of passengers, but while older children...

Should you wrap your luggage before flying? TSA warns about risks versus benefits

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Polite passenger's airplane seat swap backfires with 'gross' foot antics: 'That's disgusting'

The traveler said he obliged as he didn't "have the heart to say no," adding that the man "looked super happy about it."

Flight attendant reveals the one item you should always leave in a hotel room safe to avoid disaster

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Teen on vacation ditches 'pissed' parents on Caribbean island to make cruise on time

A recent high school graduate ditched his tardy parents on a Caribbean island so he could make it back to their cruise ship before it departed.

Southwest flight diverted back to Denver as passenger describes ‘crying and screaming’ before landing

A passenger onboard a Southwest Airlines flight that was diverted back to Denver after suffering a tire failure says people in the cabin were "crying and screaming" before the plane made an...

Why you shouldn't check luggage early at the airport, according to a baggage handler

If you're someone who arrives at the airport many hours before your flight, it might be time to reassess your strategy.

Airplanes' secret rooms that passengers will never see revealed

"It’s a little bit like Disney," United Airlines flight attendant Susannah Carr, who regularly flies on Boeing 787, 777 and 767, said. "We keep the magic behind closed doors."

Southwest Airlines hiking fees for early check-ins, upgraded boarding as high as $149 if you want a better seat

The price hikes come just weeks after Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan said that the carrier is considering changing the boarding and seating processes on its planes in order to improve...