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Coney Island’s wiener war escalates as Nathan's hot dog eating contest organizer rips Joey Chestnut

“Joey was not banned. Joey chose not to compete in the contest the moment he chose to make an endorsement deal with one of Nathan’s competitors,” Major League Eating said.

A shocking number of Americans are slathering their hot dogs with mayo: 'It hits different'

How to dress a hot dog can be a polarizing topic — and there's no more divisive condiment than mayo.

I told my mom not to upstage the bride — she wore this to the wedding anyway

A mother has been blasted online for her “outrageous” outfit at her daughter’s wedding despite request to not upstage the bride.

I'm a nutritionist — these 4 cheap foods support your weight loss and cholesterol goals

Experts say these four foods can help you feel fuller for longer while promoting heart health.

After mocking millennials, Gen Z are now coming for Gen Alpha: 'They're just not all there'

Gen Z content creators claim Gen Alpha suffer from "blue light stare" and don't know how to socialize because they've spent their entire childhoods glued to screens.

Scorching heat and crime: The worst cities to plan a summer vacation

As the summer travel season ramps up, the editors at Forbes Advisor have unveiled the best and worst cities to spend your summer vacation.

The basic dishwasher 'rule' that has completely divided the internet

If there is one thing that gets people on the internet really riled up, it’s the frequency and methods of other people’s washing habits. Read how this dishwasher "rule" completely divided the internet.

The average social media user is part of a whopping 83 different group chats — here are the most popular

The study, conducted by Vodafone, in partnership with Professor of Evolutionary Psychology Robin Dunbar, said: “Maintaining contact with our networks is one of the most important things we can ever...

Paralyzed puppy able to walk again thanks to 3D printed spine

Arthur, a six month old Cockapoo, underwent a four-hour surgery after the discovery that his spine was not connected together properly, causing a loss of function in his limbs.

Joey Chestnut eats 16K calories in 10-minute Nathan's hot dog contest — what it looks like if he goes vegan

Chestnut won’t be gulping down hot dogs at the venerable Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4 because of his new partnership with Impossible Foods.

'Flight to nowhere': Passengers trapped on plane for 9 hours as it crossed Atlantic Ocean — and then turned around

By the end of the sky odyssey, the plane had flown 4,833 miles and traversed the body of water twice -- but was no closer to its intended destination.

'Unfortunate sex mishap' on first date leaves porn star in the hospital for 2 days

A popular porn star shared the "unfortunate sex mishap" that happened on a first date she was on, which landed her in the hospital.

Do you have ‘relationship OCD’? How to see the signs and how to treat it

In a world where you can filter future flings based on a set of characteristics, is it any wonder that we get profoundly preoccupied with finding the perfect partner? Learn...

Ozempic and Wegovy users are less likely to become addicted to alcohol: study

"This is very promising news in that we may have a new therapeutic method to treat [alcohol use disorder]," said Rong Xu, the study’s lead researcher.

The real reason men fall asleep after sex

Research shows it's quite common for men to release a certain cocktail of these chemicals after they orgasm.

This early 2000s look is making a comeback as the summer's hottest style trend

A cousin of the once again trendy capri pants, baggy, Bermuda-length jean shorts — or "jorts" — have been successfully resuscitated and revamped for the modern woman.

Mother-of-the-bride dress sparks heated debate: 'Trying to upstage her daughter'

One mother of the bride is causing a commotion on the internet because of the dress she wore to her daughter's wedding — and no, it wasn't white.

Traveler devises ludicrous 'human suitcase' hack to avoid $60 baggage fee

This brought new meaning to arriving with only the clothes on his back.

NY Post launches Big Apple Schmear cream cheese with PopUp Bagels

From June 12 to June 18, PopUp Bagels is teaming up with The New York Post to create a schmear that captures the essence of New York, the Big Apple!

I'm a dermatologist — you've been shaving wrong this whole time

Your old shaving routine just isn't cutting it.