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After mocking millennials, Gen Z are now coming for Gen Alpha: 'They're just not all there'

Gen Z content creators claim Gen Alpha suffer from "blue light stare" and don't know how to socialize because they've spent their entire childhoods glued to screens.

Teen boys are demanding pricey chewing gum to chisel their jaws — but does it even work?

"Looksmaxxing," an online trend that among young men to enhance their physical features, has yielded a craze for a dubious new product.

Panda Express customer shocked that takeout container may have shrunk: ‘It's not much food’

Did they bamboo-zle him? A disappointed customer claims the California-based fast casual has succumbed to shrinkflation.

This one-word message is the worst text to receive — are you guilty of sending it?

Is this one-word response worse than "k"? It surely seems so.

NJ teen nails 'diabolical' headstand and split on stage at high school graduation

Most high school seniors look forward to tossing their caps and turning their tassels at graduation. She raised the bar.

KitKats slathered with ketchup is the latest bizarre food trend: 'This should be illegal'

Many people are grossed out by the strange combination, but others say not to yuck their yum.

There's a fight for phone calls in the workplace — employers are hiring pros to combat Gen Z workers' 'telephonophobia'

Bosses are attempting to revive phone calls in the workplace, despite Gen Z's "telephonophobia."

Users want to delete Instagram over the app's latest feature: 'Last straw'

"Let it be known to any Instagram executive here, this is a horrible decision if you go through with it," one critic wrote.

Viral $3.99 Trader Joe's tote bag is now reselling for $100 online

Trader Joe's is back with the next big mini trend: cooler bags.

Facebook is desperate to lure Gen Z — here's how they're doing it: 'Not your mom's Facebook'

Facebook execs presented their strategy for the "next 20 years" of Facebook at an event in New York City on May 31, focusing on Gen Z and artificial intelligence.

Gen Z has turned on tattoos — here's why they're forgoing pricey ink

Despite Gen Z and Millennials being the most-tattooed generations, they are the ones causing a "downturn" in demand for ink.

GQ's 1995 'overrated' pop culture list roasted 3 decades later: 'Wow, this really aged poorly'

"There's still a lot of mediocrity and outright crap out there that's getting a free ride ... But not here," the magazine wrote at the time.

Everyone says my dog looks exactly like Will Ferrell: 'Spitting image'

A 3-year-old fluffball has caused the internet to go into a frenzy over her remarkable resemblance to actor Will Ferrell.

Millennial sparks debate over Gen X managers' treatment of 'fragile' Gen Z employees

"You need to learn to work with younger people, especially different generations," she said. "Gen Z is more soft, more fragile, they want to work more collaboratively."

Excessive online engagement is causing 'social media-related nightmares,' experts say

Social media can be a literal nightmare.