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Blame the hostage-takers, rise of the ghost voters and other commentary

“In a morally sane world, the rescue of civilian hostages should have been widely celebrated as a heroic operation,” not international outcry, lament National Review’s editors.

Hunter Biden's gun trial conviction: Letters to the Editor — June 13, 2024

NY Post readers discuss Hunter Biden being convicted of three felonies in his federal gun trial.

NY Times still can't admit Hunter Biden's laptop is real! What's it going to take?

Despite federal prosecutors, investigative journalists and forensics analysts all confirming that Hunter's laptop is the genuine article, the Times remains desperate to tear it down.

California $20 fast food minimum wage slams In-N-Out and all Golden Staters

The California fast food minimum wage law --- a k a 'the Great California minimum wage disaster' --- is hurting burger legends In-N-Out and everyone else.

New York is about to make its high school diplomas worse than useless

Gone will be the need for students to pass five state Regents exams to earn a diploma.

Big Daddy Joe Biden couldn't save Hunter this time around

In the end, Hunter Biden and his army of pricey lawyers got tripped up by their own arrogance and overconfidence.

Joe Biden and the left must know better than to deal with the devil known as Hamas

Yahya Sinwar says the deaths of tens of thousands of his fellow Palestinians are “necessary sacrifices.”

Austin Butler credits his dad for preparing him for biker gang role in 'The Bikeriders'

“I grew up with my dad riding motorcycles. We’d go for long California to Arizona rides. When I was 16, dad said ‘You gotta learn to ride,’ so he threw...

With terror threats sky-high and the border wide open, brace for another 9/11

The pre-9/11 warning lights are flashing once again, thanks largely to President Biden’s refusal to control the southern border. That’s one of the key takeaways from of a new Foreign...

Orwell's '1984' shows us how to fight today's totalitarians

Americans still read George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” 75 years after it was first published on June 8, 1949.

Cuomo gives Congress his COVID lies, but NY knows the truth

Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo finally arrived in Washington, DC, on Tuesday to answer for his pandemic actions before the subcommittee tasked with investigating the COVID-19 response.

With NYC's affordable housing in crisis, rents must rise to keep buildings from going under

Tenants and owners in every neighborhood of New York City are suffering the effects of years of economically damaging housing policies and underfunded rent increases. That’s why there’s so much...

Wall Street, Texas, Europe’s nationalist rebellion and other commentary

"The new Texas Stock Exchange is another sign" New York is “losing its dominance in finance,” Allison Schrager says.

Israel's military operation in Nuseirat: Letters to the Editor — June 12, 2024

NY Post readers discuss the Israeli military’s rescue operation in Gaza to free four hostages taken by Hamas.

Pray Biden will freeze, slur and stumble his way to defeat in 2024 — US and he can't take four more years

Joe Biden's going senile in public. And guess what? America's noticed!

Arrogant Hunter Biden has never been held accountable — until now

The conviction of Hunter Biden on all of the federal gun counts created a surprising new precedent in Delaware . . . for Hunter Biden.

Even a guilty verdict won't end Hunter Biden's entitled arrogance

Will Hunter Biden's go to jail? Maybe not, even though he's guilty on all counts. But don't expect his arrogance and entitled behavior to end.

Believe 'anti-Israel' protesters when they tell you they hate Jews

As Maya Aneglou once remarked, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Time to take that advice to heart with the current day’s bloodthirsty “anti-Zionists.”

Can the European Union hear us now? Populist victories send a message to politicians

Voters across Europe spent the weekend sending a message to the EU’s political class: a nationalist and populist shift is happening across the continent.

Israel deserves praise, not blame, for its righteous rescue of Hamas hostages

Israel pulled off a hostage rescue that deserves to go down in the annals of successful military operations.