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This cat earned his doctorate from a Vermont university: 'Doctor of Litter-ature'

The school’s dean of admissions and enrollment services said that the university doesn't award doctorates to people, making Max an extremely special member of the alumni community.

Furry 'mitten crabs' are invading and 'out-competing' other marine life: experts

Invasive Chinese mitten crabs have surfaced on Long Island, sparking fears of a crustacean invasion in New York waterways.

Secret meaning behind 'Google's name leaves internet users shocked

The title's etymology has come to light via a resurfaced post on the forum platform Quora, in which a user inquired: “Is Google an acronym?"

'Entitled' people are 'claiming' baby names before they're even expecting — and parents-to-be are pissed: 'It's really weird'

"These women are not pregnant, they may never have a son, and yet they're telling us what we can and can't name our child," an unnamed future dad complained.

I’ve spent $127K covering 98% of my body in tattoos — but I'm running out of space

Eli Ink claims he's been spat at and even attacked due to the way he looks but it doesn't put him off getting even more tattoos. 

NJ teen nails 'diabolical' headstand and split on stage at high school graduation

Most high school seniors look forward to tossing their caps and turning their tassels at graduation. She raised the bar.

Post-surgery patient's colon falls out of his body following a 'forceful' sneeze

He was at a diner with his wife to celebrate his clean bill of health when the horrifying mishap took place.

Nudists worry as interest in naked public displays plummets

One nudist organization hopes to attract more members ready to strip down and strut around.

Siberia's 'Gateway to Hell' is rapidly expanding in size, scientists discover

The Batagaika slump, known as the "Gateway to Hell" and located in the freezing Yana Highlands, currently covers about 200 acres of land and can be seen in satellite images...

China's most famous waterfall goes viral after video reveals embarrassing discovery

"I didn't expect to meet everyone this way," officials from Yuntai Mountain Geopark — adopting the persona of the waterfall — posted on social media after being outed.

Hourly radio signal from space has scientists stumped: 'We can’t quite explain what’s going on here'

There's no *69 option for this long-distance call.

Woman from town called Surprise says she didn't know she was pregnant until she was in labor

This new mom got quite the shock when what she believed to be appendicitis turned out to be labor pains.

My date secretly recorded me and posted video online — here's what I did next

“Why are all my Bumble matches always so weird?” her date curtly captioned the clip. “This was so embarrassing.”

World record-breaking fossilized feces collector opens Poozeum: 'Prehistoric time capsules'

Poozeum founder and Guinness World Record holder George Frandsen aims to address the "glaring absence of coprolite representation" in natural history museums.

Remote Amazon tribe finally connects to internet — only to wind up hooked on porn, social media

“We’re worried young people are going to want to try it,” on tribe leader said of the kinky sex acts they've suddenly been exposed to on screen.

I had a 'FUNeral' for my dead husband — it even included goodie bags and a bouncy castle

"Every time I started thinking about planning a traditional funeral, I did not want to do it," Katie Young, 40, said.

ER docs thought I was drunk — but I actually have a rare condition

Docs were baffled as their patient promised she didn't drink.

Miss AI beauty pageant unveils top 10 fake models competing for cash prize

While real-life pageant girls have turned cold on participating in the glam extravaganza, these smoking hot bots are turning up the heat. 

'Terrifying' staring fish shocks onlookers: 'New fear unlocked'

An unusual fish was discovered in shallow water -- and people want nothing to do with it.