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Paralyzed puppy able to walk again thanks to 3D printed spine

Arthur, a six month old Cockapoo, underwent a four-hour surgery after the discovery that his spine was not connected together properly, causing a loss of function in his limbs.

Elon Musk had sex with SpaceX worker who began as intern, asked another to have his babies: report

Musk reportedly had a sexual relationship with a SpaceX employee who started at the company as an intern and was then hired not long after she finished college.

Auto leaders' venture company picks North Carolina global headquarters

A venture company founded by seven of the world’s largest automakers will make North Carolina its global headquarters, backed by more than $3 million in taxpayer subsidy as potential reimbursement.

Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI accusing ChatGPT owner of abandoning mission

Musk dismissed his case without prejudice, which means he could refile it at another time.

Secret meaning behind 'Google's name leaves internet users shocked

The title's etymology has come to light via a resurfaced post on the forum platform Quora, in which a user inquired: “Is Google an acronym?"

Apple shares hit all-time high after unveiling AI features for iPhone, other devices

Apple stands to add $180 billion to its market value if the current stock price of $205 holds.

Apple Pay adding more payment options and expanding to Windows, Chrome users

The biggest change for consumers will be ability for banks to offer multiple forms of financing to customers within Apple Pay, as well as the ability pay with rewards points...

What to know about iOS 18 and all the new features coming to some — but not all — iPhones

It's Apple's new golden, delicious standard.

Apple's new iOS 18 feature for apps has users worried it will allow people to easily 'cheat': 'Relationships are dead'

Apple announced the new features for the upcoming iOS 18, and some are worried that it will allow their partners to cheat easily.

Elon Musk warns his companies would ban Apple devices after OpenAI deal: 'Unacceptable security violation'

Apple announced a slew of AI features across its apps and operating platforms and a partnership with OpenAI to bring the ChatGPT technology to its devices.

Will your iPhone accept Apple's new AI features? Here's which ones will — and won't

The tech company unveiled iOS 18 on Monday, along with its ChatGPT-powered AI component called Apple Intelligence.

GameStop shares continue to plunge as frenzy over Roaring Kitty's return fizzles

Keith Gill, known as "Roaring Kitty," held his first livestream in three years on Friday, when shares tumbled 40%.

Apple reveals brand new AI features for iPhones in 'game-changer' for the company

Apple unveiled AI features called “Apple Intelligence" and a partnership with ChatGPT maker OpenAI across its devices on Monday as the Big Tech giant seeks to convince Wall Street it...

Social media app for Gen Z students sparks outcry over vile posts about classmates' disabilities, sexual orientation: report

The 1,300 students enrolled at a Vermont high school were encouraged to sign up for Fizz where they could share "anonymous confessions and crushes."

California pension fund to oppose Elon Musk's 'ridiculous' Tesla $56B payday

Musk's compensation package is up for a shareholder vote on Thursday after a Delaware judge invalidated it earlier this year.

Supreme Court to hear Facebook's bid to toss shareholder suit over Cambridge Analytica scandal

The plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit in 2018 after Facebook's stock fell following media reports that the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica had used improperly harvested Facebook user...

AI startup Perplexity accused of 'directly ripping off' news outlets like Forbes, CNBC without proper credit

Popular up-and-coming AI startup Perplexity has been “directly ripping off” articles written by news outlets such as CNBC and Forbes without giving proper credit or attribution, according to a scathing...

Google antitrust cases may not be enough to stop AI-powered search from obliterating news industry: experts

Google’s AI-powered search engine is seen as a potential death blow for cash-strapped media outlets -- and some experts claim a fresh US antitrust clampdown is the industry's only hope for survival....

Hot or bot? Study reveals whether humans get more horny for bona fide babes than AI-generated ones

“AI-generated images are here to stay, and as every technological advancement, offer both opportunities and danger,” researchers warned.

I lost 45 pounds in 3 months — thanks to a 'game changer' new technique

"I've been able to do fantastic improvements in my quality of life, and so I'm very, very happy and fulfilled, and feel like I've turned back the time," said Kenneth...