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Nina Dobrev is open to leading TV series after ‘The Vampire Diaries’ — but hasn’t ‘found anything’ worth doing yet

"I don't necessarily discriminate between television and films." — Nina Dobrev

Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' played by Buckingham Palace royal guards before her London show

The notoriously stoic royal guards outside of Buckingham Palace appear to be Swifties. 

'Hawaii Five-O' and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' actor dead at 56

"Hawaii Five-0" star Taylor Wily has died. He was 56.

'Heartbroken' Jane Fonda reacts to ex and 'Klute' co-star Donald Sutherland's death

Jane Fonda penned a tribute to her late co-star and ex Donald Sutherland following his death on Thursday. The "M.A.S.H." actor died at age 88 in Miami after a "long...

How Donald Sutherland missed a $20 million 'Animal House' payday

"I called Donald, and he said, ‘I’ll do it, but I’m not going to do it for scale. They have to pay me up front,'" said John Landis.

'Kinds of Kindness' review: Emma Stone stars in awful Oscar bait

About 15 minutes into the three-part, nearly-three-hour slog, I found myself whispering of Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons and Willem Dafoe: “Poor things...”

Donald Sutherland was part of one of Hollywood's most notorious controversies

The 1973 supernatural horror film "Don't Look Now" starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, who died Thursday at age 88, included one of the most controversial sex sequences of all...

See Donald Sutherland's final public appearance at 2021 Critics' Choice Awards

Donald Sutherland's death was confirmed by his actor son, Kiefer Sutherland, on Thursday. He died in Miami after a long battle with an unknown illness.

Goldie Hawn says she was 'irate' over initial 'First Wives Club' script: 'It was very male bashing'

Goldie Hawn said she "became the bad guy" for pointing out the many issues in "The First Wives Club."

A terrifying seizure, recording studio attempts and hope: Celine Dion’s new doc is harrowing

One of the rawest moments I’ve ever seen in a documentary about a living superstar comes near the end of “I Am: Celine Dion.”

Kevin Costner defends 'selfishly' casting his son in 'Horizon' after awful film reviews

“I selfishly wanted him with me for the week, two weeks, he was with me," Kevin Costner said.

Celine Dion moved to tears in rare NYC appearance: 'The biggest crowd I’ve had in a few years'

“I have so much gratitude to welcome all of you this evening,” the “My Heart Will Go On” singer began after a long standing ovation at the premiere of her...

The top Disney-inspired baby names revealed — see which states are the most obsessed

New Yorkers with newborns want to be part of that world.

Why Jude Law rejected the role of Superman — even after trying on the suit

Jude Law is the latest actor who's revealed that he came close to playing Superman on the big screen.

Pixar sees box office joy for 'Inside Out 2' after sting of unsuccessful releases

Not only is it the second-highest opening weekend in Pixar’s 29 years of making films and the second-biggest animated opening ever (behind only the $182.7 million launch of “Incredibles 2”...

'Inside Out 2' brought all the feels with a $62 million opener, could be highest grossest film of year

On its first day in theaters on Friday, "Inside Out 2" brought in $62 million.

Nicole Kidman confirms 'Practical Magic' sequel with Sandra Bullock: We 'found a way in'

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock played sisters Gillian and Sally Owens, respectively, in the 1998 dramatic comedy, which was directed by Griffin Dune and based off Alice Hoffman's 1995 book...

Kate Winslet admits kissing Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Titanic’ was a ‘nightmare’

Kate Winslet shared what is was really like shooting her “Titanic” kissing scenes with co-star Leonardo DiCaprio in a new interview.

Andrew McCarthy finally confronts writer who coined 'The Brat Pack' label he despised — here's what happened

Andrew McCarthy and David Blum, the journalist who published the notorious 1985 piece about the Brat Pack, have a tense conversation in the "Brats" documentary.