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Ozempic to treat arthritis? Why doctors say obesity drugs could cure a host of chronic illnesses

“You get the weight loss, and you’ve treated the high blood pressure, the fatty liver, the diabetes, the high cholesterol, the high triglycerides," one doctor declared.

Is this why people go bald? Your hair may be 'stressed,' new study finds

Could a cure for the bane of baldness be on the hairline horizon?

Connecticut woman contracts deadly flesh-eating infection spreading at rapid levels in Japan

A critically ill Connecticut woman has been treated for the same life-threatening, flesh-eating infection that is plaguing Japan. 

These 5 healthy desserts can boost metabolism and banish belly fat

Summer is here, and our collective sweet tooth aches for twist cones and popsicles, funnel cake and icebox pies — at the expense of our health and waistline.

Heat dome relief: here's how to cool down your body quickly

Today is the official start of summer, and the solstice has brought an unprecedented heat wave to the North East. Read on to learn how to cool down.

Doctors told me I had anxiety and sent me home early — I had a deadly condition

California's Joe DuPont nearly died due to heart failure after doctors mistook his sepsis for anxiety and sent him home.

These 6 things are draining men of their vitality — Here's how you can get it back

Surveys have shown that less than half of men consider their physical, mental and sexual health as excellent or very good — but they don’t have to settle for functioning...

You're probably eating sunscreen — this common cosmetic ingredient is also used as a food additive

A since-dismissed 2022 lawsuit against candymaker Mars claimed that the inclusion of titanium dioxide in Skittles is toxic.

Doctor sounds the alarm after popular car accessory explodes in driver's face

The confronting video shows the influencer lying in what appears to be a hospital bed, wiping her eyes with a damp cloth - clearly in agony. 

Your bra size affects how much you sweat — and women with bigger busts sweat less: study

Historically, it was believed that the bigger the bust, the more sweat, but scientists have uncovered that the long-believed adage might not be more than a myth.

Mom undergoes horrific surgery only to find she's been misdiagnosed

A mom underwent a hysterectomy to battle her years-long urinary tract infection only to wake from the surgery to realize her symptoms were unchanged.

Stay hydrated during this week's heat wave with expert tips and 15 foods to cool you down

We're on the edge of an oppressive "heat dome" and the onset of the hottest season of the year.

Americans work out to have better sex — and dump those who don’t: survey

A survey found that a staggering 56% of people have or would break up with a partner who lacks sexual stamina or flexibility.

Eating cheese may help you live longer, study finds

Rich or poor, you can live the gouda life.

Pfizer sued by Kansas for allegedly hiding COVID vaccine risks, making false claims

The lawsuit claims that, beginning shortly after the vaccine's rollout in early 2021, Pfizer concealed evidence that the shot was linked to pregnancy complications, including miscarriage, as well as inflammation in and...

These 6 antioxidant-rich superfoods can help you live longer: dietitian

Phytonutrients deserve the lime-light.

Ozempic users are now buying smaller, 'edgier' clothes post-weight loss, retailers say

People are both growing and slimming down their wardrobe — thanks to weight-loss drugs.

$10,000-per-month Continuum wellness club opens in Greenwich Village

Want to make gains with the one percent? Add your name to the waiting list for Continuum, the exclusive new $10,000-a-month wellness social club in Greenwich Village. Located in the...