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NYC woman set to be charged in stabbing death of her father after she claimed he abused her: cops

Anna Cavak, 30, will be charged with murder after allegedly stabbing her dad, Peter Cavak, to death during a confrontation, the NYPD said.

Angry ex-hostess at NY hotspot Tao accused of dumping bag of poop into restaurant's koi pond

A former hostess for the upscale Manhattan restaurant chain TAO got so mad when she was fired, she allegedly dumped feces into an indoor Koi pond at one of the...

Pedestrian, 86, horrifically decapitated after being hit by city truck in Brooklyn

The man, 86, was crossing the street around 3:30 p.m. at 92nd Street when the truck smashed into him at Dahlgren Place, according to the NYPD.

Powerful NYC brokers group rails against council's overhaul of rental fees

Rallying the reversal of the decades-old practice is progressive Councilman Chi Ossé (D-Brooklyn), who sponsored the bill and has managed to get a near veto-proof majority of lawmakers to support...

Ruthless ex-boyfriend allegedly killed NYC woman in vicious ambush as she cried 'why me?'

Tyquane Jemmott allegedly pounced on his ex-girlfriend in a vicious, minute-long attack while she screamed, "Ty, why me? Why me?" the Manhattan DA's Office said.

NYC slasher nicknamed 'Bad Bitch' arrested in killing outside illegal nightclub: cops

An accused slasher nicknamed "Bad Bitch" was nabbed Wednesday for fatally slicing a mother of three in the throat during a wild brawl in the Bronx, officials said. 

NYC awarded over $27M from national JUUL e-cig legal settlement

About $12.2 million from the settlement will go to the city and close to $15 million to the New York City school district.

Vicious brawl video shows Midtown stabbing that left 22-year-old woman dead

A surveillance camera captured a deadly stabbing near Port Authority on Tuesday night that left a young woman dead.

Rudy Giuliani suffering 'possible' 9/11-related lung disease, his lawyers claim at bankruptcy hearing

The former "America's Mayor" "is suffering from possible 911 lung disease and his future earning capacity is limited both by his age and future health," his lawyers said in court...

NJ school bus driver who drove drunk with 27 kids slapped with 14 year sentence

School bus driver Colleen Eutermarks was drunk with a vodka bottle stashed in her purse and a busload of students when she was busted -- and will serve stiff prison...

NYC has only connected 2,000 migrants with jobs — as thousands more overwhelm city shelters

Under the Adams administration’s push to get asylum seekers employed, just over 2,000 of the tens of thousands of work-eligible migrants in NYC have been connected with a job —...

Suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer allegedly visited LI gun club day before victim disappeared

Suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann visited a Long Island gun club the day before one of his alleged victims, Jessica Taylor, disappeared -- and days before her remains...

Woman allegedly slugged by millionaire banker at Brooklyn Pride event says attacker was 'tornado of violence'

The victim, only identified as Micah P, said she was left with a broken nose in a caught-on-camera attack on a Park Slope street Saturday night — and insisted the...

Hammer-wielding vandal smashes religious statues outside Brooklyn church in 'heinous act'

A hammer-wielding vandal was arrested for bashing in the faces of statues of Mother Teresa and a Catholic pope outside a Brooklyn church Monday.

22-year-old woman fatally stabbed in the chest in Midtown Manhattan

A suspect described as a woman wearing a white shirt and blue jeans was seen fleeing from the scene down Eighth Avenue, cops said.

Sandy Hook shooting survivors set to graduate from HS with mixed feelings: 'A whole chunk of our class missing'

"But I’m also so ... mournful, I guess, to have to be walking across that stage alone. … I like to think that they’ll be there with us and walking...

Bystander shoots knife-wielding menace who was harassing NYC food vendor: sources

The man was threatening the street vendor on 33rd Street and Broadway around 8 p.m. when he pulled out a knife, started scraping it on the ground and pointed it...

Masked anti-Israel protesters storm NYC subway car demanding 'Zionists' raise hands: 'Your chance to get out'

The sickening moment came after protesters rallied in Union Square Park in Manhattan and held up a banner that read “Long live October 7."

NYC dad who fatally shot brother, killed himself left 'manifesto,' snapped after family ridicule over failed grocery store: cops

“A lot of tension between him and a brother over snide comments about how he's a failure,” Kenny said. “The father’s giving him a hard time about the store not...