Rikki Schlott

Rikki Schlott

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Rikki Schlott is a New York Post columnist, News Features reporter, and author of "The Canceling of the American Mind." Schlott completed a research fellowship with the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) and co-hosts the Lost Debate podcast. She covers higher education, women's issues, freedom of speech, and popular culture.

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These Gen Z 20somethings were raised progressive — but they won't be voting for Biden

“I was your typical Tumblr leftist, and I was raised on gender theory through social media,” says Becky Oliveira — who now plans to vote for Donald Trump.

It's vile that girls are followed by men on social media — but why do parents let them be influencers?

Don't want your teenagers followed by creepy older men on social media? Stop enabling it.

Bill Gates' great $1B commitment to nuclear energy should be a wake-up call to climate progressives

Nuclear power could be America's saving grace — if progressive activists would stop kneecapping its spread. Bill Gates is smartly fighting back with his wallet.

My kids were kicked out of Catholic school — after being too patriotic

A California mom says administrators took issue with her teen son's vocal love of America.

We're libertarians who refuse to vote for the party's ridiculous presidential candidate

Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver has advocated for open borders and defunding the police and defended gender-affirming care for transgender kids as “the status quo.”

Here's how Columbia University needs to draw the line between activism and discrimination

This week, Columbia University settled a lawsuit filed by a Jewish student who claimed the school failed to protect them. Now it's time for the school to educate students on...

As Ivy League prioritizes 'activism at expense of academics,' other schools rise to top for employers

Post-October 7th, employers are scrambling to find new hires from schools that didn’t devolve into protest chaos.

If a remote Amazon tribe got addicted to social media in just nine months, none of us stand a chance

Tech is so pervasive that it’s easy to forget a time before we all got hooked on our devices. That’s what makes it so depressing to see the same fate...

The new campus protest trend? Pop-up summer camp, as anti-Israel group vows, 'We will be back'

Pro-Palestine protesters erected another encampment on Columbia's campus and disrupted Alumni Weekend. Now they're vowing to continue a "summer of disruption."

DEI is finally dying in the US — and response to Oct. 7 Hamas attacks highlighted its hypocrisy

Companies like Meta, Lyft, Home Depot and Wayfair have all slashed their DEI teams by 50% or more.

It doesn't get much more dystopian than relying on AI to solve your dating life

Dating? There's an AI app for that. But there's no way a matchmaking algorithm can solve the mysteries of human chemistry.

Bill Maher admits he goes hard on fellow liberals — 'because they got a lot crazier'

"There are a lot of bad ideas on the left," Bill Maher told The Post in an interview about his new book “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You" — before...

Harvard, UC Berkeley are teaching students that you win at life by being obnoxious

After both Harvard and UC Berkeley capitulated to anti-Israel protests this week, it seems students were right to believe that they actually run things.

Columbia prez showed her true colors when she voted on campus free speech

Shafik had a chance to strike a blow for free speech at English universities in the country's House of Lords — and failed.

Columbia Law students demand passing grades after protests. Blame coddling schools

Columbia Law students want their final exams canceled… in the name of Palestine.

Columbia's president preached the elite's pieties about protest 'reordering society.' Look what she got

Minouche Shafik thought protests would achieve a "new paradigm" and "reorder our societies." Looks like she got more than she bargained for.

Two university staffers among 44 anti-Israel protesters arrested inside barricaded Columbia building

Thirteen of the individuals nabbed in the massive NYPD raid had no formal connection with the university.

After protest chaos, universities need to teach kids about real free speech — not about misgendering

Wondering why Columbia protests devolved into chaos? Because the students have no idea what free speech is.

We pay nearly $90K a year to attend Columbia — but can't even get on campus to study or eat

Columbia students paying $89k say the school is ripping them off by keeping them off campus in the wake of protests.

What really went down on Columbia campus as anti-Israel protest deadlines loomed — and passed — is shameful

By letting yet another deadline for student protester evictions to pass, Columbia University showed once again that its authority is meaningless.