Mike Vaccaro

Mike Vaccaro

About the Columnist

Mike Vaccaro has been the lead sports columnist for the New York Post since November 2002. In that time he has written about every important sporting event and sports figure in New York City and covered 18 Super Bowls, 12 World Series, 10 Final Fours and 10 BCS Championship Games. He has been recognized three times as New York Sportswriter of the Year by the National Sports Media Association and was recognized in 2017 by the New York Press Club for his deadline work. A 1989 graduate of St. Bonaventure University, Vaccaro previously worked at newspapers in Newark, Kansas City, Middletown, N.Y., Fayetteville, Ark., and Olean, N.Y. He is the author of three books: “Emperors and Idiots,” about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry; “1941: the Greatest Year in Sports;” and “The First Fall Classic,” about the 1912 World Series. He also makes frequent television and radio appearances. A native of West Hempstead, N.Y., Vaccaro now makes his home in Hillsdale, N.J. with his wife, Leigh, and two rambunctious terriers: a 12-pound Westy named Fiona and Desmond, a 12,000-pound (or so it seems) Airedale. He is a terrible golfer and undefeated in all games involving “Godfather” trivia.

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Mets have major chance looming to revive season

There is a genuine sense that Tuesday night, when the Mets welcome the Marlins to Citi Field for the first of a three-game series, what’ll also be in play is...

Dodgers' storied history makes New Yorkers wistful for what could have been

A Mets fan friend said something to me during the throes of their most recent tough stretch that gave me pause and made me think.

We could sure use another Roy Hobbs around here

Sports in real life, if we are being truthful, overdoses on the real. Hollywood balances the ledger.

Hey, Yankees, a city turns its lonely eyes to you

Well, what’s pretty clear now is that New York needs what it has always needed.

New York sports stars who should be next for number retirements

It got me thinking about who might get the next retired number for each of our nine teams in the four major leagues. And here is one guess at that.

Rangers hope they can channel 1994 playoff magic before it's too late

The entirety of the endgame was played against the screeching soundtrack of desperation, of pleading, of wanting, of beseeching.

Steve Cohen failing in his vow to end Mets' ridiculousness

This is all Steve Cohen’s mess to clean. Let’s be clear about that.

Darryl Strawberry's illustrious MLB career forever linked with old pal from Los Angeles

Eric Davis already knows there’ll be a jumble of emotions that will fill his heart Saturday afternoon.

Angel Hernandez's ugly reputation wasn't only reason for his downfall

He did have the great misfortune of being bad at his job at a moment in time when everyone could see just how bad he was.

Fare thee well to legendary hoops star and Dead Head Bill Walton

Walton, in truth, may have been the most selfless superstar ever, and played on teams that embody the most basic and pure spirit of the game.

Knicks are about to learn that next year's success is never guaranteed

Whenever seasons like the one the Knicks just completed end, I always find myself back outside the visiting locker room at old Mile High Stadium. I always find myself standing...

Rangers carry torch for New York teams who fell just short in famished sports city

The Rangers will hear the pleas of a famished sporting city, one that’s been wandering since 2012, searching for a champ in one of the four major sports.

This needs to be the Knicks' first priority after heartbreaking playoff exit

If the Knicks get to where they want to go, with this core, it’ll be because of the foundation Tom Thibodeau has created.

Knicks fought until there was 'nothing left to give' in bitter end to captivating season

It’s going to be difficult to look back at this season — in a few weeks, when looking back won’t hurt as much — and not wonder how things might’ve...

Jalen Brunson would be historic if he could lead Knicks to Game 7 win

Sunday afternoon, they will be a one-man band, with Brunson needing to play an awful lot of instruments: scoring, passing, controlling tempo, taking his inevitable charge or two.

Why this Rangers' playoff run just got even sweeter

It’s been a while for a lot of us, so we can be forgiven around these parts if we’d forgotten how excruciating serious postseasons runs can be. And how essential...

Resilient Knicks will face one more test of wills in pressure-packed Game 7

The Knicks’ season is in peril, their ambitions never more vulnerable than right now, in the wake of the Pacers throttling them, 116-103, on Friday night.

Knicks can take this valuable lesson from Jason Kidd's Nets

If the Knicks were able to beat Indiana Friday night in Game 6 in Gainbridge Fieldhouse, that would give them the equivalent of three weeks of rest before the start...

Knicks can ease the pressure by taking care of Game 6 business

The truth is, there is only one team facing elimination Friday night and it’s not the Knicks.

Knicks avoid repeating colossal 1994 mistake with the Alec Burks Renaissance

What Burks has done is not unprecedented. Just unexpected.